Aqua The Vow for Interface Artists

johannes p osterhoff
Aqua — The Vow for Interface Artists

The Vow for Interface Artists

I have become a maker of graphical user interface art. I believe that the graphical user interface recently has been enriched not only with true color. Rather the semantic layer has widened: depiction of promises and utopias, of progress and lifestyle have joined the metaphors (indeed necessary) to machine-interact. To raise awareness of this issue I will follow these rules. I herewith solemnly swear:

  1. When I am drawing I will not use systems like Microsoft Windows 98, Me, 2000 or older, Apple OS 9 or lower, Gnome and other reduced, non-extremely-colorful graphical user interfaces (because they might not strongly enough influence my decisions as a painter),
  2. I will resrict my use of Photoshop (or similar software).
    Allowed tools are:
    1. Filters: all kinds of Blurs, all kinds of Shadows (because contemporary operating systems do this a lot by themselves),
    2. Effects: all kinds of tranparency and lightness change (see above),
    3. Filling color areas with solid color or gradients (because you cannot paint digitally without such basics).
  3. Otherwise all graphical elements I will
    1. copy from a screenshot of the OS to the canvas I paint on (because this is what everthing is all about),
    2. import from a directory where the OS keeps its graphical data (because it will get me to the bottom of things).
  4. I will not use a total image size above 400 by 300 pixels (because otherwise I might get vain and forget my idealistic approach).
  5. I will print my images at least 10 times bigger than they appear on the screen (because I very want to see my vanished pixels again),
  6. I will do everything for a block-like printing of the pixels (see above),
  7. I will do everything to rise the financial costs to print my works on transparent perspex (to state that the interface should be a transparent one).

I will print this Vow of Chastity, sign it and post it to the wall behind my place of activity (not to forget my right priorities in life).

April 16th, 2024: __________________________________________